Welcome to the Health-e-Pay™ Program

The check's in the cloud!

Health-e-Pay™ solution has been developed and tested in real patient settings and brings you the most practical and affordable solutions for patient engagement and payment.

The Cost of HDHP to Your Practice

Practices are experiencing an increase in accounts receivables for the patient portion of their fees.  More and more patients are enrolled in high deductible health plans (HDHP).

This is causing delays in payment and additional incurred expenses of generating and mailing patient statements.

Health-e-Pay™ Program shortens the payment cycle, eliminates the cost of statements, and eases payment for the patient.

Payment arrangements are made in advance of services and can continue as long as the patient is at the practice.

The practice or Organization does not maintain ANY confidential payment information.

Easing Payment Options for Patients

The Health-e-Pay™ Program eases the burden on patients.  They no longer need to know their portion of service fees and their remaining deductible.